Shopping for Clothes to Wear at a Wedding

We went shopping today for some clothes to wear for the wedding of my college friend and Z's ninang, Nix. I already bought mine last month but Z has nothing to wear from head to foot because we thought we wouldn't be able to bring him. So with only a day away I was already panicking on what clothes he would wear for the first formal event he'll be able to attend. His dad thinks it's not a problem saying we'll just drop by at any mall on the wedding day itself but I decided it's better to look for clothes today even if it's already night time rather than do it tomorrow. So we proceeded to Ever, the nearest mall in our area. S wanted to eat dinner first before he goes to the office so we dropped by at Greenwich first. After eating, S said goodbye to Z and told him he's going to the office already. Z was quiet as S went to the opposite direction but I knew he was sad and was taken aback by his father leaving all of a sudden. It was entirely our fault because I forgot to remind S to tell Z in advance that he's heading right to work after eating. I always tell him in advance if someone is leaving that way he'll be prepared and won't get too affected by it and it works. But this time I forgot and it was evident that he was affected because he told me a couple of times how sad he was his dad left for work early. Good thing that shopping therapy also works for toddlers! He was sad while I was in the bookstore looking for books to buy but when it was time for us to shop for his black shoes, all traces of sadness were gone. The first pair he tried on he complained was too small, the second one his eyes lit up, and the third he kicked in disgust. So off we went with the second pair of shoes. Next stop was downstairs, the children's clothes area to shop for slacks and polo. I was about to undress Z in the middle of the store to try on the clothes but he wanted to use the dressing room. We didn't waste a lot of time there because the clothes we got fit perfectly. Our next mission was to shop for his black belt. We saw one right away but it needed an extra hole punched because it was too big. The saleslady went around asking where it was but it seems nobody knew where it could be done. I was about to get upset and request for a supervisor but fortunately my gut instinct directed me to where it should be - upstairs in the men's accessories section where adult belts are sold. We also got a white under shirt for S but the salesman convinced me to buy a set of children's brief that was 50% off and which Z badly needed. We also got a wallet for free.
We went home tired but not tired enough to try on the clothes. Z didn't want to at first because he wanted to play but when he saw his shoes he agreed. So I dressed him in full costume with a wallet to boot. I also can't resist trying my own dress on.
I took pictures of Z:

He took a picture of me:

And I took pictures of us together:

He even wanted to strike a pose:

Z definitely enjoyed his maporma clothes. Long after I was back in my everyday clothes, he still refuses to take off his. He keeps on taking his wallet out and putting it back inside his pocket. I think he feels grown up with his new attire. I hope he behaves during the entire ceremony.


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