Games for my Husband

I already bought a watch for my husband as a gift for three events: Christmas, New Year, and his birthday. I know that doesn't sound fair but I'm sure he's used to it because his birthday is falls on New Year. I'm still thinking of other gifts for him and the only thing that I know he's passionate about are adventure games. If we have a mac, I'm sure he'll be into mac games and I stumbled on this site where the best mac games could be found. Luckily, they also have a PC version so my hubby can try it out.
I would especially recommend for him to play Magic Stones. We both love playing RPG and this game is an RPG and a card game in one. Magic Stones lets you choose from twenty different characters that fit your personality. There are three modes in which you can play in: Gathering Artifacts, Challenge Druid, and Quest Mode. Like other RPG games, you have to make your character strong so in the Gathering Artifacts mode you can freely roam the kingdom and look for hidden treasures. In this stage, fighting monsters is a breeze because they don't have special spells. This will help you gain skills and level up. In the Challenge Druid mode, 16 differnet Druids are going to challenge you in the tournament. In this mode, your opponent are tougher so they will definitely test your playing ability. The last mode is the Quest mode you'll have a new purpose in playing the game. In the Quest mode you'll be able to play new creature and characters. If you're a registered user, you'll never run out of quests to play because a new quest is released every 3-4 months for free.
There are more games to choose from at Winter Wolves. I know he'll be delighted trying our the other games like Supernova 2: Spacewar, Universal Boxing Manager, The Goalkeeper, and TV Station Manager that he wouldn't feel bad he just received one gift!


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