Vitamin C for Good Health

Last New Year, we noticed Z was burning with fever. I immediately bought him some paracetamol and vitamin C. We used to give him a separate dose of vitamin C daily aside from his usual multivitamins but recently I was not able to give him his vitamins. True enough, the next day Z he had his last fever at 3 am and as soon as the sun rose up he was fever-free. I know it's our fault because on New Year's eve we went out amidst the light rain to buy some food for our media noche. Z was wearing a jacket with a cover on his head for protection aside the umbrella but it was still was not enough to spare him from sickness. This was not the first time it happened, a few weeks ago we went to Bonifacio High Street and stayed there till 8pm. Z was happily playing with his cousin on the grass. That night after we went home, Z was burning with a slight fever. I gave him one dose of paracetamol and he was okay the next day. If there's something I pride Z about, it's his not getting sick when I'm the one taking care of him. I made a mistake in not breastfeeding him but thankfully, Z was not the sickly kind despite of this. We had a breeze taking care of him because he didn't get sick at all. When I started working and he was with his yaya, that was the only time he got sick with pneumonia. He even had to stay at the hospital for five days because of that. But ever since I stopped working and took care of him again, we encountered no more problems until recently. If I have a secret weapon it's his daily dose of Vitamin C. If he shows some signs of sickness I increase his dose of the vitamin C. I learned about this years ago when I was still in college. I read a book about home remedies and found out how this vitamin improves the immune system which helps us recover faster from illnesses. It hasn't failed me ever since. My husband was adamant at first but now he shares my belief. Before it was only our son who has his daily vitamins but now both of us take multivitamins and vitamin c tablets daily. Well, until a month ago when our stock was used up and I wasn't able to replenish it. Because of this, even my husband showed some signs of slight fever after we went out. So today I will again buy Vitamin C for our entire family. We don't even buy the expensive kind, just the generic ones that costs P1.00 to P2.00 per tablet.
Here's Z sickness free and as active as ever playing with his basketball set that we gave him a year ago for his birthday.


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