Say Hello to Chewie!

A few weeks short of Z's 4th birthday and we already got him a wonderful present. Isn't he the cutest thing ever!

Z thought so too and so did S and me. It may be too early for Z to take full responsibility of taking care of a dog but we could not resist this shih tzu that was being sold on the way to our apartment. We were hesitant but we thought he would be a perfect addition to our small family. A small dog will be perfect for our lifestyle too because we live in an apartment way up in the third floor. We already knew of the countless benefits of having a dog but we're also well aware of the huge responsibility that goes along owning one. We asked a lot of questions to the owner because both S and I have no prior experience on taking care of one - at least being fully responsible for one - so we grilled the owner, went away to contemplate, came back, and grilled him some more. It might looked like we haven't decided yet but I knew all along we didn't have a chance and we'll surely go home with one.
There were two puppies out of the five left. One was a bouncing ball of wavy fur while the other was noticeably smaller but with dominantly white, straight fur. The bouncing ball of fur was clearly taking advantage of it's size and pinning his little brother. Both Z and I wanted the small white one because for me, the smaller the dog the better but S wanted the bigger one. So we asked the owner for his opinion and he advised us to take the bigger one because he thinks it's healthier - I don't know if it's a sign of a health problem but one eye of the smaller one looks weird. So off we went with the bigger pup. When we got home, we quickly browsed the web for more information on taking care of our new pet. We let him romp around our living room which was the biggest mistake because he started peeing and pooing all around. But the problem didn't end there, night time came and we put him back in his crate. It was already in the dead of the night and he was sleeping soundly when practically all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. The commotion woke him up and pretty soon he was giving his fair share of barking. 20 minutes later the other dogs were all silent but Chewie was still barking his heart out. I was at a loss on what to do and was becoming anxious that our neighbor might wake up because of his barking. When I let him out he stops so I played with him and put him back after 15 minutes but once he's inside he starts barking again. I tried playing with him while inside but it was almost 2am so I had to go to sleep. He wouldn't let me and would start barking again as soon as I was out of his sight. I was already at my wit's end and out of desperation I put his crate inside the toilet, locked the door so that his barking won't be heard by the neighbors and hoped and prayed that he would tire from barking and go to sleep. That didn't happen though. After what seemed like an eternity, S woke up and went to find Chewie. He reprimanded him and commanded him to lie down and sleep. Miracle of all miracles Chewie did as he was told. I could barely believe what happened! S explained to me the concept of how the owners should be the alpha male so the dog will follow their commands. I have already read about it but failed miserably to implement it. On the other hand, S was brilliant and up to now he still chuckles and chides me on being the third in the pack, with S as the leader and Chewie coming second. I'm learning though, it's only the second night he's with us and I have successfully commanded Chewie to sleep.
Meanwhile S is delighted to have a pet but is still hesitant to touch him. What he does best is to run around the house with Chewie following at his heels. Z would jump onto the sofa away from Chewie's reach. We tried to take a photo of both of them together but with two "kids" it was nearly impossible. That's why it's a miracle we were able to capture this photo.


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