Star City Adventure

Last Thursday was hubby's day-off and just as planned we went to Star City for Z's birthday. We went out at 3pm but we have so many errands on the way that we didn't arrive there until 7pm. Before going there, we took care of our grumbling stomach and went to Wendy's. S tried the newest on their menu which is the Baconator which costs P210. I was worried about the extra calories but ordered it anyway because I was afraid S wouldn't be able to sleep that night thinking about it. LOL

The actual burger doesn't look as thick as that though. S liked it but when I tasted it I only tasted meat so it was too much for me.

Next stop was to get a memory card for my Powershot A590. So we went all the way to CD-R king and bought a 4gig SD card for P380. I am amazed at it's price because I know this can cost from P500 to P1,500 so I wish it will last unlike the headset I bought at the same store which broke after dropping it on the floor once! Here's our first shot.

PhotobucketSo off we go to Star City. Oops, not yet. We still passed by Shangri-la to take care about the wedding gift we bought at their Weddings and Beyond Bridal registry. They were supposed to gift wrap it and send me a text message to pick it up but the wedding was long over and I still didn't receive one. I thought they'll just deliver it with to the bride's house along with other gifts but my friend texted me it's not there yet. So we were prepared to give them an earful about the bad service, but good thing they said they can deliver it so I went away happy.
We rode the MRT and LRT and got off at Vito Cruz station. S wanted us to ride a taxi from there but I wanted Z to see the orange jeepneys because I knew he likes to see different kinds of vehicles. We call it "baby jeep" although it's not exactly small it still is smaller than the normal jeep he sees. We were so near yet so far because the roads were being fixed so we endured about half an hour of traffic.
We finally arrived. Here's getting stamped at the entrance. One thing though, I was surprised to see their prizes have increased. I asked the lady behind the counter about it and she said they didn't. They just don't sell the rides in a bundle anymore. The Ride-all-you-can + Snow World + Dino Island which costs P475 before you can now get at Ride-All-You-Can - P300, Snow World - P100 and Dino Island - P100 for a total of P500.

PhotobucketA year ago, Z was too afraid to ride the simplest rides but he showed us how big he's getting by bravely riding a lot of the rides there.





PhotobucketS and I didn't ride any adult rides at all. If you want to know why, look at the picture above. S is already afraid riding the Teleconverter (I'm not sure if this is the name).
Z wanted to ride the ferris wheel for a long time, he can see it at SLEX whenever we go to Sta. Rosa. Upon seeing it up close, he was almost sure it reached the sky. Still, that didn't discourage him.


The famous Dino Island and Snow World we didn't like at all. We were bored at Dino Island and Z was scared. I reminded him how he wasn't afraid at all watching Jurassic Park all by himself but he still didn't want to go too near.

At Snow World, I thought we were prepared with the extra jackets we brought along but it was still too cold. S is sick and I was beginning to show symptoms of cold myself so we lasted for - I'm not sure we even lasted a minute there! It was a totally waste of money for us. Anyway, we had fun overall and Z was really happy. Didn't want to take off the ride-all-you-can tag he was wearing till the next day.


MommaWannabe said...

What a wonderful family time ;)And cool pictures of the Dad and son;)

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