Muning's favorite hangout

Nearly two weeks after my frustrated-cat-owner-husband adopted a kitten from a neighborhood cat, Muning has taken to our home as his own. Everytime we turn our computer on Muning will certainly follow and lie on top of our modem. We're not sure why that's his favorite spot but our guess is because it's warm there. We discouraged him a couple of times and Z made a habit of telling us when he's there. This morning while I was typing away Z pointed out I was not alone. Lo and behold when I looked near my keyboard Muning was comfortably seated! I wasnt aware he was there, even with two bells around his neck he can still move undetected or was I just too preoccupied? Anyway, who can stay angry at the cat when he can make Z laugh like this?

I wonder how long my husband S can tolerate a cat near his pc. After weeks of cleaning cat's poo (sometimes outside the bathroom) he has finally realized the wisdom behind his lola's disapproval of cats. He told me yesterday he was having second thoughts about owning a cat. My main concern is Z has already bonded with Muning and being an only child it certainly helps to have a pet. And Muning is used to Z's antics now, sometimes he even exposes his belly to Z, a far cry from his first reaction when they first met which was hiding far away from Z's reach since he can be overexcited) when playing with the kitten. I personally think it would be cruel to adopt a cat and change your mind in the end. Maybe we can still keep him and he wont be much of a bother.

Note: As I'm typing this Muning is trying to catch my fingers...


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