Alone in Sunday School - at Last!

He did it! Remember about the Sunday school thing I blogged about? I was supposed to remind Z every day of the week that he'll be left alone in Sunday school to boost his confidence but guess what? I simply forgot. So yesterday Sunday morning while we were dressing up for church, I heard his dad tell him, "Z do not cry in Sunday school, okay?" To which Z replied, "Yes dad." Not that I do not believe my son but he says that everytime, "How could I forget? Now S will have to sit along with him again," I thought. But wait, there is more to their conversation, I edged closer so I can eavesdrop, "You can bring one of your toy cars to Sunday school if you want," his dad told him, but retracted it afterwards, "No, I changed my mind, you are not allowed to bring your toy there because you might lose it." You know the scene in the movie when a lightbulb suddenly flashes on top of the head, well, I had one of those lightbulb moments. So when his dad was out of sight I decided to have a heart to heart chat with Z, "Z,remember that you are a big boy now, you can sleep alone in our room as you have done in the past few days," to which Z nodded with eyes that lit up when he remembered his accomplishment. I continued, "Z when you go to Sunday school, mom and dad will have to leave you so do not cry, okay? Do not worry teacher will be there with you. And if you want, you can bring one of your toy cars to accompany you." To which Z promptly chose 2 of his toy cars, I told him to take only one but he would not budge. So S, me, tito Paolo, Z and his 2 toy cars set off to church that Sunday morning. S did not object about the toy cars so my plan was set. I had my doubts it will work but I had my two fingers crossed. S put the toy cars in his pocket for safekeeping, but before we enter the mall I noticed Z asking for his cars from his dad. Feeling like a psychologist who analyzes my child's every move I said to myself, "Hmm...he is now getting the cars for his comfort. My plan might actually work!" Paolo and I proceeded to the church while S took Z to Sunday school. Five minutes later there was S tapping on my shoulder with a wide smile on his face, "Z did it, he was even smiling when I left him there," he said. The 2-hour service stretched and I was anxious to check on Z. When it was over S dashed to Sunday school to fetch Z. When I caught up,I saw a happy Z without any tears in his eyes. I am really proud of my son! For his reward, we went to McDonald and bought him a Happy Meal. Keep up the good work, Z! Mom and Dad are so proud of you!



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