Pesticides in our food?!

As a mother, I know the benefits of fruits and vegetables for my toddler so I try to include these in his diet. But have you considered the factor of pesticides in the fruits and vegetables your family eats? I certainly have not until I read this at It is disturbing to find that the popular fruits like peaches and apples have high pesticide residue and are found at the no.1 and no. 2 spot of the list. It seems it is not enough to just pick any vegetables and fruits these days, you also have to consider what vegetables and fruits retain the least amount of pesticides.
It certainly helps to be aware especially for mothers like us. After all we are the ones who take care of our family. I join parenting forums for more ideas on how to teach my child, and I realized it also time to join and read forums for health and fitness for more awareness.



Z'riz said...

I know what you mean!
Ever thought about the benefits of having your own veggie garden??

Z'riz said...

oh yeah... I'll add you to my betterthanezrah blogroll... :)

Paula said...

Sadly I do not have soil to plant it on because we live in an apartment. Also I have 2 pots of herbs before and now both are dead so I am thinking of giving up on planting forever.

Btw, thanks for adding me to your blog.:)

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