Sunday School

Last Sunday, we went to church at the mall. There is a separate area for kids which they call Sunday school. It is basically a bible school for kids. Since we were running late, me and Paolo, my brother-in-law, went directly to the church area while S and Z went to Sunday school. S was supposed to leave Z alone there but the service was almost over but no S in sight. It turned out Z does not want to be left alone there again. I am planning to tell Z every day of the week that on Sunday we will have to leave him alone there with the other kids and point out that other kids do not have their parents there with them. I have tried reminding him before that we will have to leave him alone and he says yes everytime but when he is actually there that is the time he will hold on to my leg and refuse to let go. The last time we were actually there, the teacher carried him and told me that I can leave him - Z spent 15 minutes crying by the way and the poor teacher had to carry him the whole time. Alas, we were not able to go back there for 2 months so now we are back to square one. I hope next Sunday Z can make it.


irish said...

i am amazed of the love you give your son. i salute you. i added you to my daily reads already, so just expect for a regular visit from me. i'll leave comments too as much as I can. :) nice meeting u


Paula said...

Thanks, Irish for your comment. I appreciate it a lot.

I will also add you to my links. See you around!

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