Bathing with cold water

Before Z would take a bath I had to boil hot water which would take time not to mention, gas. He was deathly afraid of cold water and would ask before going inside the bathroom if the water is hot. I was distressed to find out that other kids in our apartment some even younger than him would happily take a bath with cold water. Since we live in a tropical country, water here is tolerable and not icy cold so it is okay for kids. I tried my trusted technique of convincing Z to do something I want, by telling him that his friends like it too. So I told him his friends love taking a bath in cold water, and that his mom and dad loves it too. The first times I bathe him with cold water he would cry and I almost gave in. Fortunately, I remembered how he liked using a water basin as a makeshift swimming pool so I got him one. It was a success! Z loved playing inside his basin so much that he forgot about the cold water. Now a few months later, Z is happily bathing with cold water. Just recently, Z would insist to stay in the bathroom longer. So what I do now is I just put soap on him and leave him there to pour water on his body himself. I am proud of Z for being more independent.


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