Z's achievement

Z has a habit of going down our apartment complex every morning and wait for his friends to come out of their own apartments and play. But yesterday it was already 10am and none of his friends has come out. He was quite impatient to play and called me from downstairs to help knock on his friend, Jave’s door. I came down and told him he can definitely do it by himself because he is already a big boy. Z was hesitant and took my hand and prodded me to the door. I encouraged him by reminding him of his accomplishment the other day in the toilet. He remembered it and I saw confidence in his face. We went by the door and I gently pushed him in front. He knocked on the door by his own and I was very proud of him. It turned out his friend was still asleep but immediately woke up the moment he heard Z was by the door. The two of them happily went out and play.


Z'riz said...

hi! this post really caught my eye...maybe it's because my friends call me Z, too! hehehehe

well...congratulations on his achievement!

btw, i'm adding you to my blogroll :) thanks for dropping by my blog!

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