The ice cream that walked away

Z also has friends, a brother and a sister, named Jejo and Jessi. They were both a few years older and were kind enough to assist my 3 year old. This afternoon while they were playing downstairs, Jessi came rushing followed by Z on his heels. She asked me if I could give Z P5 so they could buy gulaman at a house nearby. I have doubts that Z would be able to keep the money in his tiny hands but wanting him to experience different things; I gladly gave 5 coins in his hands. Z held onto it tightly and they went out. A couple of minutes later they returned but with no gulaman in Z’s hands. I immediately thought he had dropped it. But they told me that when the vendor gave the cup of gulaman Z simply refused to take it so the vendor refunded Z’s money and poured the gulaman back in. I asked Z why but he was too busy playing and he did not answer. As the afternoon wore on and the weather became hotter, the kids heard the bell of the ice cream vendor and decided that they got to have one. With Z’s P5 securely in his hand, they run downstairs towards the sound of ice cream. I was also anticipating the taste of ice cream because I was sure Z would not be able to finish it by himself. A couple of minutes later and Z was still downstairs. Not wanting the ice cream to melt away, I peeked downstairs and saw Jejo eating his ice cream. I asked if Z was able to buy one, he said no because Z refused to give his money to the ice cream vendor so the vendor just left. I immediately saw Z’s face looking sad and was about to cry. He ran to me and sobbed, I asked him why he did not give the money but he just told me that the vendor left him. I told Z he was supposed to give the money so he can buy ice cream. Poor Z, I did not have to worry after all about him losing the money, he held onto it as tight as glue. I thought he already knew the concept of buying things because sometimes I ask him to give the money to the cashiers at the mall and the jeepney and tricycle drivers. I just comforted him by saying that the ice cream will surely pass by again. It did not, by the way, Z has already forgotten about it but I am still sitting here thinking about the delicious ice cream.


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