Want to lose weight? Try Oatmeal!

I have great news! I just lost 4 lbs. For the longest time my weight has been 120 lbs and it refused to budge no matter what. Well, I did not exactly try anything that drastic maybe that was why it stayed the same. Anyway, want me to tell you what’s the reason I lost some weight? Oatmeal! Yes, oatmeal. Did not really like the taste of oatmeal before but after some experimenting I got the delicious way of preparing it. Just add hot water, milk, ovaltine, sugar – that is it! The more milk the better so it will taste creamy, I just used powdered milk. My family loved it! Even my 3 year old boy loves it. I can not believe it at first, but when I researched about oatmeal and dieting I found out that it is a natural but effective appetite suppressant because oatmeal has a concentrated source of fiber. The effect? You will feel full longer! If you have not tried it you have to try it. Now, this is not a sponsored post, mind you.


Ashley said...

Comgrats. What an accomplishment.

janet said...

hi paula, thanks for dropping by my blog. hope you had a good mother's day today.

oatmeal. i love it. i just add in fresh milk and sugar and it's heaven. :)

Prily said...

Good for you,my dear!uhmmm,i'll probably try this for my baby as well...
by the way,thanks for the visit at my site.much appreciated!

MsFit said...

just stopping by to say hi!
nice blog!

feel free to check out mine anytime:

take care and keep in touch!

neiyomee said...

since i am on a diet, i will try the oatmeal...

thanks for dropping by my blog. have a great day!

Lalaine said...

Does this mean, you just eat oatmeal and nothing else?

Losing 4 pounds is quite an accomplishment!how long you've been doing this? sorry he, ang dami kng tanong..heheh!

LoUraiNe said...

hahahah ive been eating oatmeal too. take care

Paula said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! I appreciate it a lot.

I only eat 1 bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch and dinner I eat my normal meals. I have done this for two weeks and I noticed the change on the third week. Hope it will also work for you!

aeirin said...

wow good for you... I'll try oatmeal then I'll see what will be the result in a few days or weeks

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