My son was reading - or was he?

I found a great website that teaches kids to learn different letter sounds. It is and Z has been enjoying it for about a month now. I am really happy coz he now knows the sounds of different letters. I highly recommend it to moms who have toddlers because it is educational and at the same time entertaining.
A couple of days ago I tried to teach him two words, Mama and Dad. I wrote it and taught him how to read it. I just had less that 5 minutes with him because he wanted to go out and play. Well this morning, I wanted to try a different technique, by putting word labels of things around our house. Z's interest was piqued as I gathered my materials. I proceeded to write down the word Mama and asked Z to read it. To my delight he was able to read it without me giving any clues! Next I wrote the word Dad and he read it without hesitation too. When I wrote his tito's name - Tito Paolo - he was also able to read it correctly. But this time I was not amused - you know why? Because I haven't taught him that, he was merely guessing! Now I am not sure if he was reading it or just guessing all along. lol! Now our house is filled with labels. Some day I am going to try to shuffle the words and see if he can attach it back to the right object. I hope this works!



ghee said...

thats good,Paula,enjoy parenting or baby sitting while it last :)

happy weekend!

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

I am going to check this out my sound is in the sounding out stage as well. This sounds like a great site he would enjoy. Thanks for finding it.

Mitch said...

Me and my daughter visit that site too once in a while.... it's fun and educational.

Paula said...

@ghee- you have a happy weekend too and thanks for stopping by.

@tammy - I guarantee your child will like it, you're welcome!

@mitch - thanks for dropping by.

Mommy Ruby said...

mommy i am so happy that you shared this site. my baby boy is enjoying it.

i hope to put up labels too!! hehehe

Paula said...

Glad I could help, I am sure your baby will know the sounds in no time.

Pinay Jade said...

that's a great idea Paula. I'll keep that in mind para pag naging Momma na rin me;)

BTw- got a tag for you here: said...

My daughter loves starfall!

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