Z's brand new bike

Lately, I have not been posting any pictures because there's something wrong with the cable I connect to my phone, it always says the hardware is not detected. Too bad because I really want to post Z's brand new bike! It's a gift from his lolo and at first we thought it was too big for him but boy, did he prove us all wrong! Z is very proud of his new bike and even rode it around the mall. Back at our apartment, he rides the bike with gusto around the playground. Z's bike is really too big for him I can even ride in it if I just raise the seat. He has already fallen down a 3 times and has a wound on his knee and bruises on his leg. Yesterday morning, I decided to go the the bakery and Z with his bike came along. When I opened the gate he proceeded to go down the ramp and next thing I knew he was flat on his face. I checked his body for wounds and I was shocked to find blood on his pajama. I checked the wound from his right knee and found out it was the same wound he got 2 days ago but this time it got bigger and blood was oozing. Nevertheless, I did not panic and hid my feelings so that Z would not cry and a few seconds later he was back on his bike with no tears in his eyes. I even have to clean and bandage the wound with him riding in it. I did not change his pajama since we were already near the road so Z biked all the way to the bakery with bloodied pajamas! The bakery was not even near it took us 30 minutes to go back and forth. Z was so tired when we came back that he ate more than his usual serving of 1 bread! I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike again and for the first time he said no. He said he was too tired! I laughed because Z was never ever too tired to ride his bike - this is the first time.
Well, even I was too tired to do anything after that - after all I walked the whole time. I am really envious of Z's bike, I even plan to raise the seat so I'll drive it myself and just let Z ride in the back seat! But Z would not let me, I am still thinking of ways to convince him - evil me! My other option is to ask S to buy my very own bike, not a mountain bike because it's too big and I'm afraid to fall flat on my face, just about the size of Z's bike would be fine. haha!. I envision Z and I biking along the subdivision, enjoying nature, bonding together, and having a good time. It will also take S off the computer and do something physical. But I am having second thoughts - what if this is just a phase and we'll tire of it in the next few months? Today we are going to Binan to visit my lola and I am going to check bikes on the way. What do you think? Do you think I still ought to ride a bike at this age? Do some of you still get to ride bikes?



Z'riz said...

good luck in using ur son's bike! hahaha :) i know there's always a kid in us...

btw my blogger comment form is working fine...hmmmm i wonder what's wrong with urs?

Paula said...

At least I can comment on my own blog! I really don't know, I am really getting frustrated. In other blogs where the screen for the comments pop up, I cannot maximize it for some reason - tried pressing maximize but doesn't work, there are even no arrows to drag at the edges so I can maximize it. I cannot see the captcha codes that's why I can't proceed. sigh.

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