Biking Adventures

Yesterday, Z and I went to the playground. I chose the playground that was a few blocks from our apartment so that Z can enjoy the bike ride. I am glad I did not buy my own bike because as it turned out it is a bad - really bad idea! You see, Z is pretty stubborn, doesn't obey me when I say, "Move right!" when there is a vehicle coming. I have to hold his handle bars most of the time to guide him. When there is a hump instead of moving fast he slows down and when there are cars coming he speeds up! At the playground, all he wanted was to ride his bike some more, there is a stage there that is shaped like a big circle and he would go around and around it. On the way home, Z biked so fast that I was forced to run. I did not want to slow him down so I run instead! haha I must have been quite a sight - a couch potato mom trying to catch up with her energized toddler. Z pedaled so fast that his pedal was detached, I thought it was a goner but good thing it was just unscrewed and I was able to fix it right there. We came back home drenched in sweat, I was so tired was not able to fix dinner right away. I thought I was the only one tired but a few minutes later Z suggested we go to sleep. It surprised me because earlier I spent around 2 hours trying to get him to take a nap to no avail! I was more than glad to oblige - it did not matter he hasn't had dinner. He slept soundly and fitfully, woke up this morning and ate a hearty breakfast.



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