Problems with Globe Broadband

We were always satisfied with our Globe Broadband, sure we had problems with our phone twice but it was fixed right away, with our internet we had absolutely zero problems. We were quite happy surfing and playing games to our hearts' content. Unfortunately, starting last week our woes began. We started having very slow connections and we cannot use the computer at the same time anymore. S was really mad, calling customer service a lot of times and giving the reps an earful. They said somebody will come and fix it within 24 hours but nobody came. On the second day our connection was suddenly fixed so we just assumed a technician has fixed it but just did not inform us. Until yesterday, we again experienced the same problem. S spoke to a supervisor this time and he was assured that somebody will come. Well somebody did at around 7pm, I was so relieved that it will be finally fixed. He said he was from Globe and that normally it was a contractor who comes and fix this but because of the urgency of the matter he came instead. He stayed at our house for a total of 3 hours only to declare in the end that he was not able to fix it and would send for a contractor because the problem was out of his jurisdiction! Say what?! I was so shocked I could not speak! I do not want to express my horrible thoughts here because this is of course a Happy Thoughts blog. The bright side of the matter is I can still blog and browse one website at a time. I am really anxious for this to be fixed right away because I have to download my transcription assignments next week, they already gave us a heads up that more projects will come this week so we have to clear our schedule.

As of this time, there is no dial tone on our phone. I hope they did not disconnect it so we can't call customer service, sigh.



Z'riz said...

yeah...i heard globe has been crappy of late...good thing i moved to another country in time! :)

aeirin said...

I had problems with Globe before... The connection is okay for 4 to 5 hours, after that I would lose my connection. That's why I changed my internet provider. Now, my cousin uses Globe. It has the same problem.

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