Busy at the Moment

I have been working at home since weekend and I am so tired. My house is a mess, there is a mountain of laundry, the fridge needs to be stocked, the floors needs to be mopped, clothes from the previous laundry still needs to be folded and of course I have my tot and my husband to take care of but I will not complain I will instead appreciate my blessings.
So please bear with me if I have not visited your blogs or dropped on your Entrecard because I have my hands full at the moment.


faeryrowan said...

No worries, Mommy Paula. It's all part of being a mother and wife. We'll still be here. ;)

irish said...

hello paula, can u update my url to www.irishblanca.com

irish of creative thoughts

take care

Z'riz said...

Ahhh! Big problem guys! Just as soon as I got my .com I completely lost it! All because Mommy Ruby and I were experimenting around with the blogger accounts. Anyway, we could not solve it ourselves so we had to purchase another domain for me. So I am now http://www.betterthanezrah.org which was what I was supposedly going to get but clicked the wrong button instead. So this turned out to be a good thing for me. But unfortunately, you guys need to update my URL link again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Please change http://www.betterthanezrah.com to http://www.betterthanezrah.org with blog title Deranged Insanity.

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