Teach your Child to Read in 90 Days

I am planning to teach Z how to read and I originally wanted to buy this book which I blogged about here. But I have not bought it because I am unfamiliar with how to order something online and I think shipping costs $12 which is more than the price of the book itself! So I searched for alternatives online and I found an ebook entitled "Teach Your Child How To Read in 90 Days" which is being sold locally. It promises to teach your child how to read with 5 minute lessons everyday. It costs only P280 or $7. I still can't buy it personally, I have to remit the money through Western Union and I am still a bit hesitant because it might be a scam. However, I will push thru maybe this weekend and hope for the best. Have any one of you heard about this?



Sassy Mama Bear said...

I actually used the book Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons with all 3 of my children. If I still had my copy I would send it to you, but as my kids are teens now that one is long gone. It was a great tool for learning and I highly recommend it, but I won't lie others will tell you it was not useful. You really have to make the choice yourself.

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