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My blog is like a second home to me. This is where I jot down our family's memories so that when we are old we can look back and have a hearty old laugh. But like any home, my blog has visitors and while some visitors I already know from my online blog visits, most of the visitors I would never know. I would feel more comfortable if I know a little bit more about the IP Address of my visitors since this is their online identity. With the help of IP2Location, I can do just that. Just put the IP address that you want more information on and the information will be translated to the country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, time zone, net speed, isp, and domain name. They also launch new product packages, DB-15-DB18 , that gives you more information like IDD code, area code, weather station name, and weather code. For a free demo of their services just go here. You can also put their IP location search box in your blog or website just like I have here in my sidebar. Knowing the IP address can be helpful not just for a blog but for emails too. Have you ever received an anonymous email maybe from a friend (or former friend) playing a practical joke on you? You can now have an idea of who they may be by looking up their IP address. I know this may have an odd chance of happening but in case it does, we would be glad that we have this tool that we can depend on.


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