Playing with Clay

We were able to go by SM Santa Rosa last weekend. As usual, Z's father and my FIL couldn't refuse to buy Z a gift. Not that Z insisted on buying anything but whenever we are at malls, we would automatically go to toy stores and check out the toys. There are times we don't buy anything for Z but most of the time we end up buying something. I sure hope he doesn't get spoiled. For now, he wouldn't make a fuss until he has actually held the toy in his hand and he wouldn't hold anything unless me or his dad give it to him. That is why our house is overflowing with Z's toys. I'm actually organizationally-challenged, if there is such a word, but I don't know how to organize Z's toys anymore. Right now, it is in 3 boxes and we definitely need more boxes but we don't have enough space anymore. Well, anyway, for that weekend I was quite happy with the toy we bought. Usually, we would just buy him a toy car but I insisted we get a small Playdoh set for him. His lolo was even generous enough to pay for it. It's actually his second set of Playdoh but the first one doesn't have the easy tools for Z to play with. This new one has the extruder thing and Z could easily put the clay in it and a shaped clay will come out. We actually pretend it's the trash so when it's already quite messy I'll just say, "Let's put the clay in the trash," and Z would play along. Here are some pictures of Z playing with his clay.

As usual, Z refuses to pose for the camera.


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