Transcribing Again

While we were in Laguna last weekend, my transcription editor texted me to help her with some of the transcriptions on queue. We were at the mall at that time, my husband immediately told me to go to the nearest internet cafe to download the audio but I told him I can't do that because the transcription audio she needed help with are only 3 to 5 minutes long, it would have been easy for me to do but that also means I have to finish it as soon as I can and I wouldn't be able to do that while at the mall, duh. I really like working at home but the only minor detail is you have to be on call anytime. I have no problem with that, I was just a little sad for missing the work. But the day after, I got another transcription project and also the day after that. Usually, the audio is almost 60 minutes long but this time it's only half an hour long. Still, I was happy with the audio I received because it's just right for me and my schedule. When I receive a particularly long audio, I work the whole day with almost no time to eat and can't take care of Z but when it's that short, at least, I have time to breathe.


Petula said...

That's very cool. How long have you been doing transcription?

Paula said...

@Petula - I'm still a newbie, just started last March. :)

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