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I really love books and I hope I can pass my love for it to my son, Z. So every time we go to the mall I make sure I buy lots of books for him from my favorite bookstore which sells second hand books. I really love that place because it gives more value to our hard earned money. Imagine, I am able to buy hard bound books for $1 or even less. They have a vast collection of chidren's books - from Z's favorite cars and trucks books, to books with flaps that he loves to flip and open, and even colorful sticker books - you name it, it's there. That's why when I'm there I spend at least 30 minutes of our mall time rummaging through their rich collection of children's books and end up buying 5 or more books for Z.
However there are some books that are really hard to find like the this book that I blogged about here. I have looked at different local bookstores but unfortunately it's unavailable here in the Philippines. I finally found it at only to realize that they won't ship the item here. Fortunately, I found website which helps international buyers like me overcome this hurdle by providing a US address - they receive the package on our behalf and then ship it to their international customers. This is internet shopping made really easy. I am so glad I found their service.

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Meg said...

I'm such a book worm, too. I hope my son likes books when he gets older. Right now its his favorite word and thing to do. Seems promising.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to buy used books. There are always some nice treasures that you'd never find ordinarily... and some are worth a lot of money, or will be some day! Keep it up!

Lori said...

Good idea to teach your child the value of learning. You can find some great deals and wonderful treasures with used books. Love them. Keep it going.

Anna @ Diet Recipes Blog said...

You have received the BFF Gold Card Award for your great blog and are awaited here to pick it up. Thanks for being a dropper! :)

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