Three "Kids" Playing

Z and his friend, Jave, who lives in the apartment downstairs were playing together two days ago. They decided to play here in our living room with Z's assortment of toys while S and I were both in the bedroom, with him sleeping because he works at night, and me on the laptop. Minutes later, Z decided he wanted to play inside our bedroom, we had the aircon on and it was almost noon so the heat was unbearable outside. I told him not to go inside because his dad was sleeping but he kept coming back because maybe he can't take the heat anymore. He also prodded his friend to come in and play there. Upon seeing our room was being invaded by two kids, S graciously gave up his sleep and entertained the two kids instead. Our room was filled with screaming and laughter while they play hide-and-seek inside the sheets and jumped all over the place. They had a really grand time playing together that it seemed like I had three kids in there instead of two. Their playing session lasted until 2pm! Our neighbor, Jave's mom, came to pick him up but you could see in his face that he didn't want to go.

The very next day, at around 10 am, I heard Z's friend calling from outside our door. S entertained them again and made them laugh till their stomachs hurt. This time around, it took Jave's mom 3 times coming back and forth before she finally convinced her son to come home. When S asked him why he doesn't want to go home, he replied he doesn't want to go because his own dad would not be home till later. These little boys really adore their dads, don't they?


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